Introducing our patented bus stop safety device:

The KAT GUARD: Model 1

This structure is designed to prevent serious injuries or possible death from moving vehicles. This is a very serious problem across the nation of accidents. Negligent or reckless drivers are frequently the cause of pedestrian accidents. Drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians in cross-walks, run red lights, fail to signal while turning, or are distracted by cell phones can cause horrific injuries to pedestrians. Alcohol is also frequently a factor in pedestrian accidents. Alcohol involvement was reported in nearly half of traffic accidents which resulted in pedestrian fatalities in 2004. Speeding is another common cause of pedestrian fatalities. In 2003, speeding was a contributing factor in 31 percent of all pedestrian fatalities. The amount of speed involved is also a significant factor in the resulting injury to a pedestrian. A pedestrian struck by a vehicle traveling at 40 miles per hour has an 85 percent chance of being killed. At 30 miles per hour the chance of a pedestrian being killed is 45 percent, while at 20 miles per hour the fatality rate drops to only 5 percent. DUI,prescription drugs, medical conditions, and just not paying attention on our road ways, pedestrian injuries and accidents is a serious issue.

Our patent design Kat Guard offers two standard models, one is our crash guard with debris panels. Our second one is our crash guard with debris panels and Kat Guard pitched flat roof as shown. This all steel design is for safety of the pedestrians waiting at the pick up destination. As you look at the 6x6x1/2 inch steel bollards and guard, its strictly designed for impact. The second phase of the design is our 1/4 inch steel flat mesh debris panels, to protect from flying debris and parts of impact from vehicles. The mesh panels are interchangeable for quick repair. Also another great benefit is Kat guard offers optional solar lighting. Our goal is to continue to help pedestrians get to there destinations safely, please keep in mind when it comes to public transportation, it is our right to be safe.